Learn Secrets to Being a
Successful Condo Board Member
and Enjoying It

Life’s Too Short to Be A Condo Volunteer Unless...

You Take These 10 Steps To Enjoy It

  • The one mistake 90% of all HOA board members make that leads to wasting their own personal time
  • Some simple strategies to follow to avoid being embarrassed at a homeowners association board meeting
  • Ten proven steps to follow in order to enjoy being a board member
  • Learn the “secret question” to ask as many residents of your association as you can!
  • Two little known questions that board members never think to ask when making a hard decision
  • What you should never do at a condo board meeting
  • Learn how the principle, “Knowledge Is Power” works to empower an HOA Board of directors
  • The tactic that can be used to improve confidence as a board member and improve leadership skills at the same time
  • How to get over your fear that you won’t be a successful homeowners association board member
  • Three keys to taking minutes in order to help you stay out of trouble
  • Discover resources that help solve problems, quicker, more effectively, and are free but are only used by 10% of board members
  • How to avoid getting personally involved in sensitive issues with your neighbors including collections, evictions, and fines
  • How to avoid being critized for events that are not the HOA management boards responsibility
  • Learn the little followed procedures that condo board members can use to build a free support team in only 30 days


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Lou Lutz CMCA, AMS, PCAM & CPM has been helping condominium board members and other volunteers govern their associations successfully for over 40 years. He has received several awards and is a recent recipient of the Barbara D Wick Special Service Award from the Community Association Institute (CAI) for his role in establishing a curriculum for educating and training board members. A recognized expert of community management he is a frequent speaker and has written several articles on the subject of community associations. He is a certified national instructor for CAI. In addition to being a licensed Community Association Manager he is a licensed real estate broker and a licensed insurance producer. He is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of First Community Management.


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