If you are on a condo board enforcing rules in a reasonable fashion is part of your responsibility

The acid test for the board of directors success is do the owners (they elect the board) love living in their association?. Does the owners approval rating of your boards compare to our current approval rating of congress? If so there is good reason including appropriate rule enforcement.Use this acronym when thinking about developing a rule I developed it to help managers remember the process in a Community Association Institute (CAI) PMDP course I teach.

Don’t Violate COR FUUN
•Violate – Fundamental constitutional rights
•Consistent- with F,S,L laws & gov doc
•Operations – reasonably relate to operations
•Reasonable –
•Fair –
•Uniform – capable of uniform enforcement
•Uniformly – uniformly enforced
•Necessary –

Above all leave room for discretion when it is the right thing to do. Remember the acid test Do Owners Love Living in Their Association?

Here is an example of what occurs when a board does not use their discretion.


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