Needs Assessment for Your Community Association

Board members have two critical areas of responsibility:

  • Unit owners property values
  • Quality of life of the association residents

Regular property inspections are a great way to meet these responsibilities head on. Regular inspections will help everyone notice the things that can be done to improve curb appeal. Curb appeal has a direct affect on property values,if an association has dirty entrance glass, peeling paint in the common area or hand written signs at the directory it will affect how units in the condo association sell.

Property inspections will also tell you the down and dirty. What works, what doesn’t work and what’s falling apart. board members will be able to anticipate problems and correct the problems before they become emergencies.The quality of life is protected because services don’t lapse and emergencies are reduced.

Some 30 years ago I  created a simple tool to help me manage condominium associations more effectively. The Needs Assessment Tool. I was able to quickly walk through associations common areas and record the great things I saw as well as the items that needed to be improved. I scored each property and I compared the scores from association to association as well as tracked the improvement at each condo association. Occasionally I asked someone else to do an inspection of an association and compared my report with theirs to see what they were seeing that I had missed as well as what they thought were string points. The report is specifically designed for urban high rise structures and is flexible enough to be used to inspect any city coop, condominium or homeowner association.The advantages of using this tool:

  • Using the form gives the inspector a blueprint of the areas that need to be observed and helps the inspector do a thorough job and not overlook important items
  • There is a written history of the properties needs and documentation of the changes
  • By scoring there is a quantifiable result of each inspection and a great basis for comparison
  • It is a quick and easy way to share the property condition with other board members


You can download the report Needs Assessment Report

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