What You Need To Know To Become An Association Board Member in 90 Minutes

I usually hear comments such as “I wish we met with you right when we started as board members” and “I learned more in 90 minutes than I have in the last 6 months” when I make my free no obligation presentation to board members. It is rapid fire list of the basics that are necessary for a condo board to understand in order that they can meet their fiduciary responsibilities , a board member boot camp.. I am available for this presentation by contacting me at LLutz@CondoBoardHelp.com.

Not every board schedules for these presentations , I decided that I would make the outline of the presentaion available for those condo board members  who still would like to take advantage of the information that is available in the presentation outline. I hope this is helpful.

 What You Need to be an Association Board Member in 90 Minutes

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